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Take a Midday Vacay to TFR!

Last month, Elsa M. from WMAR Channel 2  stopped by The Family Room to interview us! We chatted all about The Family Room and why we love our community and supporting local small businesses! 

Watch the video and hear what we say!

Speaking of ice cream... check out this August's Flavor of Month!

Take a Midday Vacay this month to give Grasshopper,

our TFR flavor of the month a try!

You can hear the Grasshoppers chirping as the long Summer days start coming to an end in our neck of the woods. Some of our favorite times at the shop are when we get to sit outside in the warm evening sun and enjoy a scoop of our favorite sweet treat.

We hope you're having a wonderful Summer and you soak up these last few weeks. Whether you travelled all over or stayed local, come tell us all about your Summer adventures over a scoop of ice cream at The Family Room. We'd love to hear all about it!

From Our Family Room to Yours, Kim & Corinne


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