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Featured: Artist Jennifer Rutherford

“Wires & Skies – Trees & Byways”

Petite and Pocket-sized Oils on Local Country Themes


Originally of Alberta, Canada, Jennifer has lived in Laytonsville since 2014 and is inspired by the beauty and charm of its nearby country vistas. In our cellular era, the old technology of telephone pole and wire seems painfully redundant. What were once a vital link between isolated individuals now remain a nostalgic reminder of our basic human need for connection. Dramatic light shines through branch and wire alike onto familiar paved roads. Layered, crossed and paralleled thick black wires float and groan from spine to spine.

Often considered an annoying visual interruption to the bucolic landscape, these cabled relics from a bygone era, criss-cross rural homes, slice through open spaces, and disturb the view of verdant fields, clouds and trees. But Jennifer embraces and celebrates our “countryside wired” on many of her small canvases, bringing the light that shines over all of us, and the wires that still connect many of us into delightful reunion.

In our cellular era, the old technology of telephone pole and wire seems painfully redundant


What can I say? They are just so darned cute!! I am having a blast painting these sweet little farm animals. With rural life all around Laytonsville there is a never-ending supply of bovine, ovine, equine and poultry models.... so I am just getting started! But at the moment our three dogs are the closest we’ll ever get to animal husbandry.

Come see Jennifer's stunning work at The Family Room and

take home a piece for your own family room!


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