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Five Miles From Home... and other exotic travel destinations: Meet The Author Drew Jones

We are thrilled to announce our next event at The Family Room; a meet and greet with local Laytonsville author, Drew Jones. His book Five Miles From Home ...and other exotic travel destinations tells the story of his search for contentment and adventure just five miles from his home.

About the Author

Drew is a very young 60 year's old. He has a Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from University of Maryland and a Master's degree in aeronautics from Embry-Riddle. He's been married to his beautiful and talented bride since 1982, and they have two daughters and the memory of their son. Drew is best known as a Rocket Scientist or more approporiately an Aerospace Engineer at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Besides this book, Drew has published two books of plays and numerous articles for NASA and for Chesapeake Bay Magazine.

A Note from the Author

Five Miles From Home ...and other exotic travel destinations, is a travel book about not traveling, or more correctly, not traveling far from home. It is not a book of lists of specific local things to do (the web is too good to try to compete in that arena), rather it is a book about learning to enjoy what is nearby, whatever those things might be.

It is a very simple concept. Rather than people from L.A. flying out to D.C. for a vacation and people from D.C. flying out to L.A. for a vacation, this book suggests that people in L.A. could spend their entire lives seeing all the sights in L.A. and people in D.C. seeing all the sights in D.C. What needs to change to make that idea palatable, is the thought processes.

That change of heart is the essence of Five Miles From Home.”

Grab your own copy here in the store and join us on May 5th! Don't forget to register!


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