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Don't let the Winter Blues get you down!

When the days get cold and the skies get gray,

it can be hard to focus on the good that's all around us.

That's why we are LOVING our new Refocus Bands at The Family Room.

It is believed that “we produce up to 60,000 thoughts a day. 80% of our thoughts are negative. REFOCUS BANDS allow you to be more mindful and take control of your thoughts by simply flipping the band every time a negative thought overpowers you. Every flip helps encourage a positive thought that guides your inner voice in the right direction.”

These unique and colorful bands help us reset, reboot, and rethink our feelings despite our circumstances.

Whether you need to remember to "have a little patience" or "close your eyes and take a breath", these powerful bracelets help us think positive and feel good.

Each bracelet comes with a specific quote, instructions, and good vibes.

What uplifting reminder do you need this week?

Stop by the shop and check out the restocked display, read the mantras and pick one that speaks to you! And don't worry guys, we have plenty you'll like too.

When we commit to thinking good & positive thoughts, we leave the world and ourselves in better shape than we found them.

Commit to refocus and think positive this week!


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